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CD Press release

To celebrate the Year of Zayed UAE composer brings the sophisticated and original composition routed in Emirati culture

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  • Marcin Klejdysz Beethoven Academy Orchestra “We are truly impressed by Ihab’s musicality and passion”.
  • Stoyan Stoyanov Conductor “This music is very melodic and will touch many people’s hearts”.
  • Patrick Boulos CEO Universal Music MENA “A masterpiece... the combination of the western and eastern sound is beautifully presented”.
  • Gehad Darwish Brother “Ihab’s music portrays a perfect blend between cultures”.
  • Sammy Clark Singer “His musical compositions are unique and very global”.

Waves of My Life signifies the harmony between ups and downs, noise and silence, a pluck on a violin chord and a sharp staccato on a snare drum, it basically illustrates highlights of my life through symphonic pieces of euphonic melodies.

Every piece of music in my album has its own theme and expressive identity, it is an international blend of music which exhibits my pride in Arabesque melodies and my awe towards western orchestrations, sailing with your imagination in a cinematic voyager, proving that music will always be a universal language.

―Ihab Darwish